Spain needs more online

Some posts ago I told Spain was great about online graphics, but I was wrong. It's not Spain, just elmundo.es (with multimedia graphics, beyond interactive or animations) and the "reborn" ELPAIS.com. These two take all the glory of the Spanish online graphics, because beyond them there are very few spanish media offer this service. Marca.com was one of the pioneers, but now is very difficult to find graphics on its web. It's a pity, its goals reconstructions looked like the starting of something good, but they were the starting for nothing. Graphics from as.com are made by people from ELPAIS.com (being just two people, two of big ones, Rafa Höhr and Carlos Gámez, but just two). El Correo Digital offers some graphic, but most of the times it's just a pdf of one of the amazing graphics of its print team. There is an oasis in the desert, graphics of consumer.es, made up by Aitor Eguinoa and Christian Werb (also published in ELPAIS.com), including an atractive: you could download them for educational use.
Lavozdegalicia.es just offers statical images, Matías Cortina left Terra and it stands without infographics artists, not ABC neither big papers from Catalunya got invlved in online graphics and we can't beg for more to local newspapers, without resources for the daily pint edition...
Things so, beyond greats graphics (Health section above all) made up by Xocas (Xaquín González) and his guys at elmundo.es and the amazing works of PRISA guys, Spain doesn´t "move" at all. They're good, but they're few.
And, with the video irruption, big bosses already have "something moving" on thier webs and the bet for graphics would be decrasing. Unless they'd notice that on the web, as on the print edition, people need graphics to understand some kind of things

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