the blogger: Chiqui Esteban

My name is Chiqui Esteban and I am the author of this blog, Infographics News, and it's spanish version Infografistas.

As you may have noticed for some misspellings, I'm spanish, but I promise they will disappear soon.

I work as Director of New Narratives of the spanish web media and as infographics consultant for Innovation Media Consulting. I've worked with them for several projects in Europe and America, as the portuguese journal i, the greek Eleftheros Typos, El Heraldo de Barranquilla, some iPad projects... and so on.

Before working on online graphics, I've worked for several print newspapers. I was part of the team that launched Público in Madrid in 2007.

Before that, I was head of infographics for the Grupo Joly media in the southern spanish province of Cádiz (Diario de Cádiz, Diario de Jerez and Europa Sur).

But my first professional job was at La Voz de Galicia, since october 2002, just in time for the Prestige.

Before then, I spent some summers as intern of the infgraphics departments of La Voz de Galicia, El Mundo and Diario de Cádiz.

I studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarre, where I was introduced to this wonderful infographics world being part of the students staff of the Malofiej Awards (remember The Jumping Jester...).

Here you are some of my works:

- For those made at, you can see almost all of them at the graphics section. Those signed with my name, are mine. :) You can also take a look to the best of our first year or a selection of 50 infographics about Spain. Just let me some time and I'll upload my own selection.

- At Público

- At Diario de Cádiz

- At La Voz de Galicia

And, also, you can find me on the social networks: here's my LinkedIn, follow me on twitter, contact me on facebook or write me a mail.