Unseen infographics

I alaways say that in this little world of infographics we know who's everybody, baecause we're just a few and most of us are very enthusiatic with our job. If you don't know someone face to face from any summit, you know each other professionally, if he got any Award and his (or her) graphic was published on Malofiej or SND book or, usually, by graphics uploaded at some pages, as Newspagedesigner. But there are infographics artists who don't send graphics to awards who don't know or don't use Newspagedesigner or, for any other reason, their works don't reach us. And, many times, are good works. These days Rafal Piekarski, polish graphic artist of Dziennik Axel Springer, uploaded some works on NPD. Althogh I can't understand the text (I'd have to study polish as Machado learnt german to read Schopenhauer...), his graphics are visually very atractives and you can understand many of them without reading them. If he wouldn't uploaded his graphics there, I wouldn't know him. As I'd never seen Alberto Aragón's (Mandrake) graphics if I friend of mine wouldn't worked with him and told me about his web. As I was surprised by the graphics of a free rural newspaper for other friend's comments... And I'm sure this world is full of 'stars' working in his local newspaper without being 'discovered'. A big pity

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