Sports graphics... and beyond

Statistichal sports graphics are a great amount of work in my newspaper. We publish reconstruction of the goals and best opportunities, a tachtical explanation of the matches, previews and charts, before and after the matches. I hope my director won't find this special coverture made by austrian newpaper Der Standard made by World Cup 2006. In this graphics are analyzed by diagrams all the ball movements between players and how much each one touches the ball. Taking this graph as example we can see that Lahm was the starring for Germany and laterals were who took the ball to the midfield, the midfielders played with Klose. You can also see that the typical swedish play was Edman to Linderoth and this one to Larsson. Clear, informative, and a superb explanation of how the match was, although I wouldn't like to be who recopilated all the data...
If you wanna know more or watch more examples (and you speak german), go to the FAS web (Network Analysis for Science & Business)

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