Infographics in real time

It's not a new thing. We've seen it for years, but maybe there's someone who doen't know.' NBA officila web (Also ESPN does it, the photo of this post is from there) offers a real time service called Courtside Live, whoch shows a scheme of the court y place on it, during the game, icons showing form where player throw, and if they get the basket or not. You can show all the players, just one, one team... This way, you can follow the match without watching at it, analyzing it: where is the most active player, if a team is scoring more from from the outside... As Der Standard made at the World Cup, but online, real time and basket.
José Manuel Ferrer, from Granada Hoy made something loke this with CB Granada, his hometown basket team. But was not real time, althought it was very useful to its readers

In Spain there's only a real comparison. What Marca.com, made years ago, uploading to its web the goals from the soccer matches, explained with icons. In these times, when watching sports is always a expensive task, this service could be very useful

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