Gert Nielsen and the "gore" graphics

Gert Nielsen, webmaster of Visual Journalism e infographics artist in Ekstra Bladet, proposed in the last Malofiej shis theory about journalism, and the graphics within, which talked about that they have to focus on information, beyond the ethics (or something like that). In brief, he told that we don´t have to avoid drawing things just because they are scathological or politically incorrects. If you have to draw a rape, you draw it, without tabus. It was a must-talk topic this year at the Summit. Some said that he was right (the truth is that they were just a few) and others defended that you have to draw waht you have to, but the examples that Nielsen showed were too "yellow". They accused him of drawing a rape when was no need to do it, of being too "bloody" and not focus on information, but on the scathological. Here you are some examples so you could have your own ideas. They're not hi-res, these are photos taken by somebody at the conference and then published in Flickr, but I hope they'll be enough.

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