Searching for multimedia

Now i'm involved in learning flash. Illustrator, Photoshop and 3d are good travel partners, but sometimes you have to add nw friends. It's not just professional, just learning. I surfed the web looking for what are people doing about that ad I found out some conclussions, I don't know what would you think about, but I'm shocked about them:
1. The great difference between multimedia graphic concept in the different countries, much bigger than in print. Ypu can take a look at elmundo.es and ELPAIS.com and the have a totally different way to tell stories than NY Times, as an example
2. You just don't have to work with infographics. Sometimes you need to have a programmer near. It's not that you can't do a great graphic without a proogrammer, there are really greats,but the real interactivity requires some informatic knowledges that, at least I, don't have
3. I'm not blind for my country, but if I have to choose a counntry as the most advanced at online graphics, I choose Spain
4. Few media have noticed the importance of thiskind of information (much more useful than print, in my opinion)
5. Oh God, I have to learn Flash early, or I'll be fired!

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