NYTimes gets Peter Sulllivan in a hard Malofiej edition

Malofiejs are awarded. Few medals this year, maybe that means that awards this year are especially significant. The big one, the Peter Sullivan, went to The New York Times for an interactive feature called Sector Snapshot. The Miguel Urabayen Award for the best map went to Die Welt am Somtag for a graphic about german migrations on II World War
These were the gold medals:

- Expresso (Portugal) Wars since 1945
- The New York Times (USA) Katrina's Diaspora
- San José Mercury News (USA) How Stock Options works
- The Oregonian (USA) River of goods swells via port
- Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) Keepers up against the wall
- The Guardian (UK) Space Station
- Welt am Somtag (Germany) Meduses of teh World Seas
- National Geographic (USA) Ways to go
- Mundo Estranho (Brazil) Sexo tô por dentro
- Clarín (Argentina) Portfolio World Cup

- NYTimes.com (USA) Elections Results and Analysis 1 and 2
- NYTimes.com (USA) Sector Snapshot

- All the awards
- Onaline awards with links
- SND Spanish Chapter
- Update blog, blogging online from Malofiej

Some of the awarded graphics (I'll be updating...)

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