El Periodico, opening a path in Spain

Many times I've talked on this blog about the decission of opening the newspaper with a graphic, and most of the times was about papers from abroad (I'm talking from Spain) and for having a little complaint about the lack of these inniciatives in my country (some have tried, but still just a few).
In this ocassion, El Periódico, in a continuous effort to innovate on its cover (sometimes winning, other not) today "dares" to publish a A1 Graphic, about the extremely small and illegal flats which are appearing in Barcelona. A visual explanation for a topic that really worries people (with our mutual friend James, from Poser)
On inside pages they explain again the same information, but on a different way, giving other way to distribute such tnuy flat.
They care about an affordable and visual explanation of the data. Well done.

But, Spain is not yet a place where this kind of innitatives are easy to find. These risks (are they considered) are not common beyond sports papers, meanwhile in USA (and not only there) they have its space, as we can see just taking a look to today covers on Newseum. Some use the graphic as main illustration, other don't, but the vocation to explain the data from the beggining do exist.
We don't have to use a graphic on A1, but we have to give to the information the resources they need.

Via Paco Oca, Maquetadores

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