Hard data, good graphic

Professor Hans Roslings, teacher of International Health at Karolinska Institute (Stockholm), tries to show us how really is the world we live in. All we have the date, at , in UN, OMS and other organizations issues about infant mortality, poverty and starving. On newspapers we've got this 500 page issues resumed in a 4-column article, and, i fwe're lucky, with a graphic showing some data. But Professor Roslings wants this data affordable for everybody, and he resumes them on these graphic at his web, Gapminder. They're translated to several languages and there's also a Google tool to make them more accesible to everybody. No 3d, basic color pallette. But it works. Explains and gives a clear idea for people, tired of news about kids starving in Africa. Nob spectacular visually, but in the result, it is.
Vía Shane Richmond

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