Machines & Souls, Infographics & Art

I've always defended than infographics and journalism can't be considered as art. That's why I prefer to use the definition 'infographic journalist' rather than 'infographics artist'. Art is about emotions, sensations and feelings. Journalism is about information. But, sometimes, the infographic lenguage can be used to create art works.

Imagen de uno de los vídeos de John Maeda

Cases of this kind can be watched at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid), on his new exhibition, 'Máquinas y Almas' (Machines & Souls). There, you can find works from creators and artists as Theo Jansen or John Maeda.

Apart from Maeda, who creates abstract images from databases, the lenguage of data visualization appears on another installations, as the one that shows the Italy-France where Zidane 'headed' Materazzi (Final of the World Cup of Soccer on 2006) on several screens. Some shw the distance of each player to te ball, other the play, and other the movements of ball and players, as the typical soccer/football graphics of the day after.

'Deep play', Harun Farocki. More information

All the passes of the Spain-Russia of Euro2008, as we made it for Público

Other of the works looks for military words on databases of different enterprises of the world and locates them on a map. How many graphics of this kind hace you seen?

'On translation', Antoni Muntadas+CADRE. More information

Another graphic form Público. Spanish budget for 2008

Infographics are not art. But artists can use the same tools infographics journalists use to create art.

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