Bests of 2008: Juanjo Cholbi picks

Please forgive me for these days of inactive blog... but life in holiydays is that way...

Juanjo Cholbi is infographics journalist (and much more things) at the regional spanish newspaper Levante-EMV. He has chosen these as his favourite graphics of the year:

1. Mandioca Wichi

Perfect example of the latinamerican infographic style. I thinks this one is from 2007, but enters in the contest anyway.

2. Democratic primaries

Race for the democratic primaries. As the last example, I don't know where was it published, so I'll thank any clue.

3.Iraq war victims. The New Yok Times

This graphic was already commented on this blog and was published on the opinion pags of the Grey Lady just on year ago.

And these are the graphics Cholbi chooses as the best of his job the last year.

1. Potato year

2. El Pateller. From myth to reality

3. Aircraft carrier Juan Carlos I

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