Chema Matía and Bea Santacruz leave El Mundo

AVE Madrid-Zaragoza, by Chema Matía, from albertocairo.com

These are hard days for media. Owners are cutting jobs, and, although infographics departments are not the worst places to be, (with exceptions as the AJC and some others), there are also some damnified. And two of the lasts cases has been caused at the spanish newspaper El Mundo. The editorial company Unidad Editorial offered thw workers some advantages for those who decide to leave their jobs.Two historical members of the infographics department, Chema Matía and Beatriz Santacruz, decided to leave the place. Although the newspaper tried to keep them in the place, they continued with their idea and now walk free. Good luck for both!

Beatriz Santacruz.

Beatriz Santacruz

Graphics by Beatriz Santacruz from rafaestrada.net

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