All the winners of the SND 31 (Infographics)

The complete list of winners is here, but here you are the information graphics categories. I'll be publishing images of the winners as soon as I can access them, If you have some of them, please send them!
Congratulations to all the winners!

Category 16AA: Breaking News (175.000 and more)
Silver: The Kennedy Family tree (Washington Post)

AOE: Chocan dos satélites en órbita (Clarín)

AOE: Un aluvión en Tartagal arrasó con todo (Clarín)
AOE: Una picada fatal en Corrientes (Clarín)

AOE: Voo Air France 447 (Época)
AOE: Partidos y grupos para la Copa del Mundo (Folha de Sao Paulo)

AOE: Pré Sal (Folha de Sao Paulo)

AOE: Sanfermines (El Mundo)
AOE: Full results, but recounts to Come (The New York Times)

AOE: The Health care vote (The New York Times)
AOE: Where Bloomberg lost ground (The New York Times)
AOE: The presidents budget (Washington Post)

Category 16AB: Breaking News (50.000-175.000)
AOE: Political parties budget origin (Público Portugal)

Category 16AC: Breaking News (- 50.000)
AOE: A H1N1: Conociendo al Enemigo (Hoja de Ruta)

Category 16BA: Features (175.000 and more)
Silver: Attack at the table (Zelt)
AOE: The German Domain (Berliner Morgenpost)

AOE: The Cowboys Stadium (The Dallas Morning News)
AOE: Plans for Pyramids (Frankfurter Allgemeine)
AOE: U2 360 (Los Ángeles Times)
AOE: Twilight of the Arctic Ice (National Geographic)
AOE: Venice versus the sea (National Geographic)

AOE: Yellowsone: the sleeping giant (National Geographic)

AOE: Carving a Jagged Maze (National Geographic)

AOE: The known planets (National Geographic)
AOE: Manhattan: making connections (National Geographic)
AOE: Turning a corner? (The New York Times)

AOE: For the unemployed, a day stacks up differently (The New York Times)
AOE: Countdown to 2012 (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

AOE: A complicated dig (Washington Post)

AOE: Sweet Bombs (Zelt)

Category 16BB: Features (50.000-175.000)
Oro: Sex ages (Expresso)

Silver: Guatemala Libre crezca fecunda (Prensa Libre): it's a collection, watch it here.

AOE: Arabic horses facts (Emarat Al Youm)
AOE: Rising to the challenge (Emirates Business 24/7)
AOE: The top 10 Countries CO2 polluters (Público Portugal)

AOE: Where our light came from (Público Portugal)

AOE: Bolt pulveriza su propio record (Público Spain)
AOE: Ataques piratas por todo el mundo (Público Spain)
AOE: Health and Wealth (National)
AOE: Cómo ahorrar energía en casa (La Prensa Gráfica)

AOE: Mágica procesión en el centro (Comercio Ecuador)
AOE: Guía para los votante (La Voz del Interior)
AOE: La guía completa del dengue (La Voz del Interior)
AOE: Most popular demonstration facts of Córdoba (La Voz del Interior)

Category 16BC: Features (- 50.000)
AOE: Inagurational: historical glance (Político)
AOE: The flyer dance (Presente)

AOE: The way of agave (Presente)

Category 16CA: Charts (175.000 and more)
Silver: The G2 (Financial Times)

Silver: For the unemployed (The New York Times)
Silver: Mostly gloom for glossies (The New York Times)
AOE: Hockey's Original Six (The Chicago Tribune)
AOE: Second city’s 50 foremost faces (The Chicago Tribune)
AOE: La luna (El Mundo)
AOE: A Carbon reduction plant (National Geographic)
AOE: The toll of wine (National Geographic)

AOE: Why is her paycheck smaller? (The New York Times)

AOE: Quick arriving fads (The New York Times)

AOE: An unlikely path to victory (The New York Times)
AOE: Different stories for each sector (WSJ)
AOE: Courting ritual (WSJ)

AOE: Getting away with everything but murder (Philadelphia Inquirer)
AOE: A sphere of influence (Washington Post)

AOE: How Treasury spent its ballout funds (Washington Post)

Category 16CB: Charts (50.000-175.000)
AOE: Colores de los coches finlandeses (Kauppalehti Optio)
AOE: Invitados de honor al Mundial (La Prensa Gráfica)

AOE: Resumen de la temporada de F1 (Público Spain)

Category 16CC: Charts (- 50.000)
AOE: The nonstop army (National Journal)
AOE: Centrando el péndulo (Perú Económico)

AOE: Muertes en accidentes en Córdoba (La Voz del Interior)

Category 16DA: Maps (175.000 and more)
Silver: Ring around NYC (National Geographic)

Silver: A moving boundary (The New York Times)

Silver: The red menace (Plain Dealer)
AOE: Deaths on the rails in LA (Los Ángeles Times)
AOE: Polar Opposites (National Geographic)

AOE: Flood Zone-Venice (National Geographic)

AOE: Jaguar: preserving the path (National Geographic)

AOE: Arctic Ocean (National Geographic)

AOE: A kidnapping outside Kabul (The New York Times)
AOE: Evolution of a tournament (The New York Times)
AOE: Remade in America (The New York Times)
AOE: Inauguration: Grab & go guide (Washington Post)

Category 16DB: Maps (50.000-175.000)
AOE: Suspense ate o fim (Expresso)

Category 17AA: Portfolios Breaking News (175.000 and more)
AOE: Staff (El Mundo)

Category 17BA: Portfolios Coverage (175.000 and more)
AOE: Staff (El Mundo)

Category 17EA: Portfolios Features Individual (175.000 and more)
AOE: Fernando G. Baptista (National Geographic)
AOE: Sean McNaughton (National Geographic)
AOE: Zhao Jiafeng (Oriental Morning Post)
AOE: Cindy Jones-Hulfachor (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Category 17EB: Portfolios Individual (50.000-175.000)
AOE: Samuel Granados (Público Spain)
AOE: Miriam Baña (Público Spain)

Category 17FA: Portfolios Features (175.000 and more)
Silver: Staff (National Geographic)
Silver: Staff (The New York Times)
AOE: Staff (Clarín)
AOE: Staff (Oriental Morning Post)
AOE: Staff (Washington Post)

Category 17FB: Portfolios Features (50.000-175.000)
AOE: Staff (Emirates Business 24/7)
AOE: World Arabian Horse Championship (Emirates Business 24/7)



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