Inside National Geographic

National Infographic is a blog by Juan Velasco, Art Director at, obviously, National Geographic. For all those who stare amazed when somenody from NatGeo talks about how they work, this is the right place to visit.

Render of a cheetah skull
Juan Velasco explains on it the processes of different graphics (and making a graphic at the magazine of the yellow frame is not doing a graphic elsewhere): body scan of a cheetah, Neanderthal men bodies reconstruction, and many other examples from one of the best graphics departments in the world.

Terracota warriors graphics, used as header of the blog
But not just that, Velasco also talks about graphics in the history of NG, explains some decissions taken about some infographics... the complete set.

An amazing place to know the insides of a wonderful place like the National Geographic graphics department.

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