Useful interactivity

When Layne Smith, webmaster of the NAO forum called for NAO Quarterlies entries, he divided web graphics on three categories: online, multimedia and interactive graphics. Doubts came soon: which category would fit my graphic?. Layne explained that online graphics were those with any visual explanation, on teh traditional way, without use of multimedia. Multimedia means that you're using video, audio or both. Interactive graphics need a system of action-reaction beyond the navigation (he used the example of a graphic using a calculator game).
On NAO again, Troy Oxford called attention on this impressing interactive graphic about the convenience of buying or renting published by nytimes.com (you've got to register, but it's free and really worthy).

It's, above all, an useful graphic. Something people needs, it can be used as a game or as a very helpful guide (those graphics for Bart and Lisa Matt Ericsson talked about). Such important decission on someone's life and your newspaper offers you a personal adviser.
Troy Oxford wrote on NAO: "I wish I had it a few years back..."

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