Tomorrow's winners, today

The always-busy-members of NAO have rganized the NAO's 1Q-2007 Showcase. As Layne Smith says, that's not a contest, but an opportunity to take a look to the great graphics that are being made now with no need to wait until the new SND or Malofiej book (Which will need two years to come out). Graphics must have been published from January 1st and March 31st of 2007.
Entries could be sent until April, 20th, and categories are very simple:
• One column graphics
• Small graphics
• Large graphics
• Illustrations
• Best use of wire graphics
• Charts or diagrams
• Mapping
• Multimedia
• Online graphics
• Interactive graphics It's absolutely free and you don'yt need to be a NAO member. Voting ssytem will be through a public gallery. There will be a call for entries each 3 months.
If you want to take part, just click here!

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