ETA tries a massacre at the University of Navarre, home of the Malofiej Awards

The University of Navarre, home of the Malofiej Awards and of the Spanish Chapter of the SND, has suffered a terrorist attack that has been very close to become a tragedy. In a place where many of us will be on a few month and have been so many times.

I studied there, and on my last year I lived another car bomb just 100 meters from the same place where a car exploded today (yesterday for some of you).
But today, it has a harder blast. An at 11.00 am, with no possibilities of evacuation. In the heart of the University. As Pablo Ramirez tells on a comment at the spanish version of this blog, Alvaro Gil, one of the organizers of Malofiej and known by many of you, took his car from the parking where the blast occurred just one hour before the explosion.

From here, I just to to condemn the attack and send a big hug to all our colleagues of the University.

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