Online graphics. Do it yourself.

Nytimes.com and Many eyes (IBM) let us choose how to visualize some data offered by the news web. The New York Times give us some tables of interesting data and the Many Eyes tool let us choose how to visualize them. Click here to know more.
We have to have some kind of infographic skills to know which way is the best to visualize the data. That is our main task, for us infographic journalist, at the end. But let people 'play' with visualizations is, on my opinion, a great idea. Nytimes.com does not give this option for all of its graphics. They just offer some data sets for it. They call it Visualization Lab.

I don't remember who said once that the citizen journalism is for him like if a surgeon hears that his neighbour is going to remove his appendix himself. But I think that is very important to involve readers. Always we don't forget that we have to do our job.

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