Best of 2008: Óscar Corvera picks

Óscar Corvera (La Prensa Gráfica, El Salvador) has been named on this blog already, and more than once. Now, he's back to pick the bests graphics of the last year.

"There are many impressing works by the way the graphic designers made them. An example are thee three graphics that fascintnated me when I saw them, because they show something different and encourage me being different."

1. Magallanes Penguin (Clarín)

2. Beijing 2008 medals analysis (Público, Spain)
Chiqui Esteban

3. 50 years of spacial exploration. (5W, National Geographic)

And the best graphics made by OScar and the rest of the team (Jorge Contreras, René Rivas and Douglas Jarquín).

1. Oil crisis
"The oil crisis punished all sectors during 2008. The graphic shows the chain of impacts on citizens and how the rise of oil affects his economy and stability."

2. Electoral power
"Some months before the elections at El Salvador, the journal wanted to show a statistical summary with the presidential results over the last 20 years. We compared the amount of votes obtained by the main political parties."

3. LPG presses
"The aniversary of La Prensa Gráfica was the perfect excuse to make a complete infographic with the presses."

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Anonymous said...

I love that Nat Geo graphic - I nearly bought a copy of the Space Special it is in - annoyed I didn't - and it is not disimilar in 'style' (look, data resolution) to the recent Wired magazine Food Special - nice graphics in there too