A plane, a river and many graphics

A plane 'landed' yesterday on the Hudson river. Yesterday, at 23.30 more or less (spanish time, 17.30 NY time) I knew about the crash. It was my free day and I was disconnected from reality. When I went to bed, 30 minutes later, I didn't see any locator or graphic explaining the facts (I did no big research, anyway). The nearest I found from graphic was a post by Charles Blow, without graphic, but some different data.

I did a research this morning, 10 AM spanish time, 4 AM US east coast time.

A simple but almost perfect graphic. Just with the information I wanted to know in a very clear way. I could be not very espectacular, but it says exactly what they want to say. They had to be the best because they are the reference and it happened in their city. Clic on images to access the graphic (notice that graphics may have change since I wrote that, that's the good thing of online graphics, they're on a constant update)

They also include little static locators in the news page.

Animation with Google Earth to explain the accident. Something useful for both web and tv channel.

Google Maps with reference points and time. Maybe too little for such big web and with the whole day to react.

Another Google Maps with reference points (maybe not on the exact places, because it could be difficult to to turn 90 degrees a plane after crashing with the birds) and includes a tool to calculate the distance you are from the crash place. It's a curiosity, but maybe not very useful if you don't live in NY.

Online graphic that I didn't found on my first research, but very complete, simiar style of the NY Times, and without the same resources, which is very important.

And it's not the first breaking news they have to cover these last days.

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