A cartogram done in real 3D


My former Art Director at Público Fernando 'Rapa' Carballo exhibes these days and until february 27th is Antifichus at Casa de América in Madrid. A review of 200 years of his native Argentina seen with designers eyes.
To works exhibited are done with friends and collegues, and one of them is the inforaphics journalist of Publico Samuel Granados.

His project is very funny: a 3D cartogram about emigration and inmigration between american countries. But in true 3D: made with Lego pieces, as he explains, "to seize the space of the exhibition" and "allow you to watch teh cartogram from different perspectives".
One side of the map show the emigrants of each zone, the opposite shows the inmigrants (both represented by the volume of the pieces).

Photos by Samuel Granados

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