World Map of Infographics journalists. Second round.


Some time ago I started a map showing infographics journalist and departments around the world. It was an open collaborative map, and somebody deleted the data and add oil companies in the south of Spain. I guess it was a mistake, but I lost all the information.

Well, let's try again. Unfortunately, this time it won't be a open map. It's closed and I'm the only one who can update it (although I can give collaborator invitations to those interested). So, if you want to be on the map, just send me an email or write a comment in this post. I will add you to the map. Once it will have enough content, I will publish it on a static place in this web. It's Google Maps, so you can take it to your web too.

The map will show professionals related with infograhics on five different categories:

- Print infographics departments (blue)
- Interactive infographics departments (red)
- Integrated infographics departments (green)
- Freelancers or business (yellow)
- Teachers (purple)

At the moment, I just have some spanish departments and professionals, as a test. I will update it daily, but please be patient. I'm waiting for your maisl and comments. And if you want to be collaborator, just ask me.

Ver Infografistas/Infographic journalists en un mapa más grande


Unknown said...

We are an Infographic departement localised in Malmö, Sweden that does mostly print but also some interactive stuff to both the web and readingplates. We are employed by Sydsvenska Dagbladet (or Sydsvenskan as people generally call the paper).
All five of us here are frequent readers of your excellent blog, actually its one of our best sources of what is going on in the infographisworld out there.

Greetings from Malmö, Sweden!

/Björn Hellström, director of infographics

Unknown said...


washington, dc

Nora said...

Hi Chiqui,
this infographic journalists map is a great idea.
I am a freelance infographic journalist located in Hamburg/Germany and have worked for well-known publishers as DIE ZEIT, DER SPIEGEL, manager magazin und Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. I create infographics for print issues.

contact information:
Nora Coenenberg

GertKN said...

Hi Chiqui
The map needs a yellow pin in Denmark as well.

Gert K Nielsen
Wizard of Visuals
Søvej 23
3500 Værløse


Visualizations for newspapers and magazines. Specializing in 3D

Esther said...


I am a freelance infographic designer based in Hamburg, Germany.

Would be great to be on your map!

erdgeschoss {Esther Gonstalla}

Greetings from Hamburg,