Titanic infographics. From 1912


Every single newspaper and news site has produced its new Titanic graphic for the 100th anniversary. But none of them have been so impressing as the one published by 'The Graphic' and other media in 1912. Without Google. Without Illustrator. Without Flash.

Most of them can be considered illustrations, but all of them have the goal of a visual explanation of the event. These are some examples from a special issue of The Graphic published on April 27th. Some sources says it was published on april 1912, otrhers April 2014. Maybe there was a reedition two years after, and the most reliable sources use 1912 as the date, but the work is impressive anyway.

The evacuation, one of the big controversies of the Titanic accident.

This is my favorite: a graphic on the division of the decks and departments, where the iceberg hit and the damage produced.

Boats arriving to the Carpathia.

A graphic explaining the travel times to cross the Atlantic: ancient times, old ships, the Titanic and planes. This style would be considered today a 'modern visualization' by some people.

But The Graphic was not the only one to cover the sinking of the Titanic with illustrations. Another grat coverage was the one by Illustrated London News.

The Titanic sinking. The front side sunk first, the rear floated for some minutes as a cork, and then sunk too. This illustration depicts that very moment.

A great cut of the Titanic.

And an example form the spanish magazine Vída Marítima (Sea Life) published on May 30th 1912 as found by 233grados.com.

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