Brain Drain

News about Zarracina's coming back to USA are not a big surprise. More and more spanish infographics artists are going the other side of the Atlantic. Javier itself was previously in San José Mercury News, and now he arrives to Boston. But he's not the one and only. I remeber when, time ago, Alberto Cuadra came to Malofiej and lots of people (including me) who didn't knew him before were surprised by the fact that he was working in USA as infrograpics artist being Spanish. But now, each year, we have some dropping of somo of us going west. Javier and Alberto are there with Juan Velasco, Alberto Cairo and others. And there are still some to cross the ocean.I wrote days ago about Chapell Hilll as "infographics development league", with a spanish teaching the future generations of USA, but, it's looks life if the best development leagur for America was Spain

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