Future Boston, graphics of the future

On of the main steps for the infographics department is to coordinate online and print graphics, to seize all that you can fr both without double efforts. Uno de los grandes pasos que tiene que dar la infografía en estos años es conseguir coordinar los departamentos de gráficos para papel y online para sacar el máximo provecho a los dos medios sin doblar esfuerzos. Something that The Boston Globe graphics department does very good since Javier Zarracina's arrival (I may say I didn't know too much about this department before his arrival).

A good example are the graphics they have made for a magazne about Boston in 2017. These are some of the infographics they published on the print edition

They deserve a post by themselves. Clear, great use of color as a guide, amazing renders, useful information for the reader... And now take a look to the online versions:
- The big dig's payoff
- On the waterfront
- The green giant

They add value thanks to interactivity, as this day/night funny button (remember graphics for Bart and Lisa) /. Both departments integrated (and the need of separating both departments is other big question). And great quality graphics. Just a but: I would like to see the whole graphic at first sight and then zoom.

Good example about the next step we need

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