The best of 2010 according to... myself

Ok, if I ask you to send me your favorites for 2010, I can't help doing it myself, so here are my picks.

My global favourites

How Mariano Rivera dominates hitters, The New York Times

It's no surprise that I've chosen an infographic by The New York Times, everytime I can I recognize in public my admiration to this department. They are the best and they keep advancing, no relax. This infographic, presented in a video format, mixes video, 3d, and charts with an amazing documentation explaining the hitters of this pitcher. Very complete and informative. Spectacular without harming information at any point. And when Xocas explains how it was done (in spanish), is even more impressive.

Rhythm of a ciry, Diario de Pontevedra

The rhythm of a city' is an infographic by Xan Sabarís published in a little local newspaper in the nortwest of Spain, Diario de Pontevedra. Explains in a clear way how many people there is on a typical strett of the city during a regular day. An approach to publish little local visual stories. Written, documented and visualized by an infographics journalist.

Dimensions, BBC

A wonderful tool to compare actual sizes with Google Maps created by BBC with the name Dimensions. A huge amount of templates such as the Gulf oil spill, the pyramids, Armstrong's moonwalk, the moon or the Glastonbury festival...  Not a classic infographic, but a tool. Useful. Easy to use. Different. Anyone can convert this global tool in an hyperlocal one. How would have been Armstrong's moonwalk if Apollo landed at my home?

And there are still more things I loved... But I have to choose...

My favourites of my own work

One never knows what to choose of his one work, because it's very subjective but....

All the combinations of the WC2010

How did Spain play’ was our bet at lainformacion.com to offer something different for the World Cup.  We estarted doing this with friendly matches and we explained how it was done. Then came NYT and did it ten or 100 times better. But our readers  are not the same as the NYT readers and we had a different focus, so we keep with it til the end of the World Cup. And we won (the World Cup).

NBA demographics

Maybe our readers prefered other similar graphics we produced as All the birthplaces of the Liga BBVA or all the birthplaces of the spanish national team, but this one was a bigger challenge: we neede more zooms, there was a big overlaying.... so it was great to experiment and discover new things of my recent online skills.  The data we got form this was also usful for some postst on my blog at lainformacion.com A Base de Datos.

How to differenciate a burka from a niqab

I also like this for what I learnt creating the graphic. I like to be divulgative with small games, and this was an opportunity. It worked really well in term of visits, so I guess people like that too.

And that's all. Now, it's your turn.

- Best of 2010 according to Ninian Carter


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