Best infographics of 2010 according to Ninian Carter

Ninian Carter is an scottish infographic journalist, well, the Phineas Fogg of the infographic journalists: he has worked in Scotland, England, France, Australia... and his last job was in Canada, at The Globe & Mail, place he left recently. So, as the A Team, he is avalaible for freelance works... (if you click on his name, opening the post, you'll go to his personal web).

These are Ninian's picks as his favourite infographics of the year:

The New York Times
Breaking News about the attempted bombing at Times Square

The Daily Telegraph
Value of assets purchased under Quantitative Easing programme

The Independent on Sunday
Results of the british elections

And here you are his best three graphics of the year, according to his own perception:

From forest to doorstep

Relief wells

Volcanic eruption halts air traffic across Northern Europe

Pleas, participate and send your own picks!


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michkhoo said...

err the year 2010 has still one month to go