Those in infographics... and in Google+

Google+ is the new Twitter, the new Facebook... or not.
But, anyway,is the new social network everybody talks about.
If you are one of those early adopters already enjoying it, here you are a list with some people related with infographics you can find in Google+ to create your Infographics circle

(Yellow ribbon for those who use to share some things, if not all, in english)

+Alberto Cairo
Information graphics and visualization teacher and director.

That's me! New narratives director at lainformacion.com and infographics consultant at Innovation

Former BBC interactive graphics director

Information graphics journalist at Publico (Spain)

Information graphics director at El Nacional (Venezuela)

Information graphics director at La Voz del Interior (Argentina)

Boston Globe features design supervisor

Journalism teacher at Ausburg University

Graphics editor at The New York Times

Information graphics journalist at El Universal (Venezuela).

Graphic journalist at The Boston Globe

Visual journalist

Teacher at Knight Digital Media Centre

Visual artist at The Washington Post

Information graphics and development at elmundo.es

Viusla thinker at Factoría dMultimedia

Innovations Editor for Graphics at The Washington Post

Deputy Graphics Director at The New York Times

Former chief multimedia producer at The New York Times

Senior news Artist at The Indianapolis Star

Designer at The Boston Globe

Information graphics Director at El Mundo (Spain).

Owner at Prodigoso Volcán. Former Editor at Diximedia, General Director at Prisacom and Director at Unidad Editorial.

Information graphics artist at The Globe and Mail

Information graphics journalist at El País (Spain).

Graphics director at Marca and infographics consultant at Innovation

Owner at SinPalabras

Information graphics journalist at Marca

Ninian Carter Graphics

Journalism Instructor at Ball State University

Infographic artist at The Boston Globe

San Diego Union Tribune

Graphics Editor and The Globe and Mail

Graphics Editor at The New York Times

Stanford University

Owner at Servicio Telegráfico

Chicago Tribune

Freelance for 90grados.info




Information graphics director at Fortune

President of InfoNewst and editor of Cool Infographics

Flowing Data

Graphics Editor at The New York Times


Graphics editor at Cleveland Plain Dealer

+Anne Liao
Interactive graphics artist at The Florida Times-Union

Information graphics designer at DPA

Freelance infographic artist

Infographics designer at Globes (Israel)

Creative director at The NEED Project

Infographic journalist at El País (Spain)

Founder of Konzeptdesigner

Infographics intern at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Freelance iinteractive graphics journalist

Assistant Visual Leader for Graphics at the Arizona Daily Star

Graphics coordinator at Reforma (Mexico)

I have more people, but I'm waiting for them to post something to include them in the list. Anyway, if you miss someone or find new additions to Google+, just a leave a comment and I'll include them.


xinh xinh said...

i love G+ than facebook
well come angry birds for pc

plasticcard said...

so nice blog. thanks and welcome to Learn Chinese

Amanda said...

Google+ will surely become more popular than facebook in times to come. It has an awesome UI !

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joonx said...

Great post and as a new blogger I will take to heart some of your suggestions. Thanks

Ivan Kutil said...

Hi, I have created album "The best infographics of internet" at Google+

Enjoy and share with your circles

marcogiannini said...

thanks Chiqui, very interesting, and I'm including them on my g+ account with a new special circle for infographic designers
Marco Giannini @ la repubblica

Anonymous said...

I like this blog so much, saved to my bookmarks .

Trey Smith|Trey

xinh xinh said...

i am a new member in Google+, i like it
jogos friv

Xavier Moreno said...

Maybe this is the best social circle i found.

Anonymous said...

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