Astronomy in Milwaukee

It looks like you've got two big papers redesigned at the States everyday. This time was Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It's not usually to show graphics on this redesigns presentations, although most of them have a much more visual redesign. This wasn't a exception, but there's a good detail: the weather page. Upper zone of the page shows bars that explains time for dawn and dusk, nt just for sun and moon, but also other planets of the solar system (sorry Pluto, you're not in this club any more).

I don't really know how much people would be interested in this kind of information... Maybe Milwaukee it's a great place for astronomy. But I don't really think either mucho more people would be interested on many of the data whe show on our weather pages: isobars, temepratures of all around the world (do we really have to know the temperature at El Cairo everyday????). But this one is original, and that's a good point.

To take a nearer look, you can do it at Visual Editors

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