How Humans Work

John Grimwade always starts his instruction in Show Don't Tell showing this 23x15 cm graphic, designed by Carl Sagan and Dr. Frank DraKe, whih is the plaque placed on the Pioneer, waiting it reachs any extraterrestrial intelligence. This plaque tries to explain who and how we are and where Earth is, waiting aliens will contact us and that they would do it in a frinedly way. If I have to tell the truth, I must say that I can't understand it, and that's knowing what's trying to tell.

Looking for it on the internet I found out the meaning:

Two little circles on the left: They try to explain something about neutral Hydrogen. No more comments.
What's behind the figures is Pioneer's silhouette. This way they show our actual size and shape... If we're a white young good looking naked man and woman... The man is not saluting, is showing our amazing prensile thumbs
Points on the right of the figures number eight in binary
Drawings below shows the pathway of the Pioneer... I think that not showing a real scale is a big mistake, but i'm not Sagan...
Star on the left shows the relative position of the sun respct to 14 pulsars and the center of the galaxy

It's obvious than realty is deeper than that, but I don't dare go deeper with my science knowledges
But, the problem is, I can't understand the graphic and I have readen an explanation. But I know I'm not the target, they're looking for intellenges bigger than mine. And is also truth that it's very difficult to explain such complex thing as humanity, our chemichal composition and the Earth position in the universe. Actually, we don't really have all the information about that, and we also don't know what are the previous knowledges our target has... maybe they're blind!

But, sinceresly, I couldn't do it better, and, as Grimwade asked always, if someone dares to design something else, please show it!

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