Infographics beyond newspapers

After some days enjoying the carnival of Cadiz I ave come back to my real life, and I have done it with my german lessons. As I am at basic level, I'm learning how to tell the time. To explain the german system (a great mess) our teacher made us this graphic (more or less, that's just a reconstruction)

I am suppsoed to be the infographics designer of my class, but I should assume that my teacher gave me a good lesson. I understood it at first sight, with no problems. I can't remeber which infographics guru chose teh clock as the best infographic in history, assuming that is a complex system to learn, publishe on the article 21 infographists, 21 graphics of the 10 Malofiej book. This is a good way to explain it.
Much times, there are graphics made up by teachers, scencists and other professional taht give us great lessons. Graphics explains things, an this divulgative labour is necessary also in other professions. My german teacher is a great ocassional infographics designer, as I learnt today. And would be lots expalining budgets, scientific theories or history lessons.

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