SND.ies winners

Latest SND.ies winners were announced last week. This is the list of the winners, with ELPAIS.com, washingtonpost.com (2 times) and AP, St. Petersburg Times and nytimes.com:

Breaking news

Conflicto en Oriente Próximo, ELPAIS.com (which is impossible to be watched right now). Judges remarked the excellent graphics of the special
Crisis in the middle East, washingtonpost.com. Described by judges as "a truly deep site with an amazing amount of photos and content."

Non-Breaking news

Stem cells research, St. Petersburg Times. Awarded by it originality and deepness
Accidente de metro en Valencia, ELPAIS.com. The good use of the pop-up information and the video animation where the reason for this award
Elections 2006, washingtonpost.com. The words of the judges were: "A fantastic way to compile and present data. The design is clean and manageable, it does not overwhelm the user. The related content, from demographic data to biographies and full voting records of current Congressional members, is very helpful."

Non-Breaking features

Katrina Coverage, AP, for all the awesome package
NFL penalties flags database, nytimes.com, an example of the importance of the online graphics.

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