Cartoons are Visual Communication too

Some of my favourites cartoonists are Pinto & Chinto, whom I work with at La Voz de Galicia. And one of the thing I like the most of them is that the explain complicated stories clearly, simplely and without words. A real Show Don't Tell. His mission is very close to graphics, although they can use a little of opinion...
For those who doen't know the topic of this cartoon, I may say that's about the radical basque party related to the terrorist group ETA, Batasuna (here preented as HB, his old electoral trademark), can't be on municipal elections of may cause they are now illegal. Their startegy is to use a different party to do it, called ANV. Justice was deciding if this relation between ANV and Batasuna is real to make ANV illegal too, but a problem with the issues made ANV illegal in most of the cities but still legal in a few.

A big story in words, an so short in cartoons... Visual communication

You can follow Pinto & Chinto on this page

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