The way Eleftheros Tipos was

Tomorrow, Wednesday 23th, it's the release of the new Eleftheros Tipos, a new journalistic concept for one of the lassic newspapers of Athens. This InnovAtion project is a big step on the change of the journalistc market in Greece.
As we say, Show don't Tell!, and as this blog is dedicated to infographics, I show some of the graphics thet were done on the old Eleftheros Tipos. From tomorrow, I'll be uploading some of the new graphics that will be publishing and talk something about the change, in which I had the honour of collaborating as consultant, with professionals like Marta Botero, Javier Errea, Juan Señor, Michael Fairhead, Gabriel Sama, Pablo Ramírez and, of course Juan Antonio Giner, and all the newsroom of the journal.

If you want to know more about the project:
- Innovations in newspapers: THE NEW ELEFTHEROS TIPOS: A NEWSPAPER REVOLUTION IN GREECE (1), (2), y (3)
- Maquetadores: ¿Quién es Eleftheros Tipos?, Las primeras del antiguo Eleftheros Tipos

And also the TV spot and a gallery of new pages. More tomorrow.

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