The other side of the maps

Most of us have maps and locators making our days. So, you better visit the blog Strangemaps to stop hating them and discover the other face of maps beyond shapes, rivers and locators. Some theorics say maps are not infogaphics, but some of these really are: they explain.

Some examples
This USA map shows different names of countries inside its states, comparing de Domestic Gross Product of each state with the one of the country written. California as France, Michigan as Argentina or New Jersey as Russia.
Could it be just a table? Maybe, but then it won't be shown here!

EMaybe you know this one, it appeared at The Guardian A1 months ago. Shows the Europe climate map at 2071, and how some eruopean cities will change their temperatures comparing with nowadays ones.

And this one it's not an infographic, but it's also a good reason to take a look to this blog

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