Great graphics we see almost everyday

The clock
I think it was Juan Velasco who chose it as the best graphic in history on one Malofiej edition book. Some don't agree because yo need some "education" to understand it, but, in my opinion, it solves one of the big human problems.

Tube map
Each time I see one I get surprised on how well is that mess of communications explained, easy to use for every single human. It looks simple at first sight, but it explains lots of data in a very simple way.

Ikea instructions
I must confess I had some doubts sometimes, but they have the big handicap of not using words at all. It remids me an exercise that Gonzalo Peltzer gave us on the Infographics subject during the career, on which we had to explains how to make the bed without words. Harder than it looks.

Free days schedules on the work
There are a lot of them but some are really impressive, if you have some of them, please send them!

And just the opposite...
Isobars map
Just a 1% understand it, teh rest of the people can't understand the weather of the next day looking at it, so it doesn't work.

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