Infografreaks IV

Alberto Cairo has uploaded again several projects of his pupils on his blog.
Tis time, the topic was the earthquake of Pisco, Peru, which happened some months agop. All the works are clean and with the high usual level. An example on how important is to have a good teacher.
It's not the first time I speak about Chapel Hill, and how there are plans to have adecuate university studies about graphics and design there, and how hard is to find where to study these disciplines in Spain (don't know how is the situation abroad). We don't have a career or even a "branch" if you want to guide your career to an Infographics Department.

Maybe the University of Navarra (private) could be the best way in order to do it, but also there you ahve to "struggle" to learn: you've got the join the Malofiej team as staff (an excelent place to learn) and there is an optative about infographics (where there have been teachers as Jaume Serra, Zarracina and Baptista and now Josemi Benitez). Tehre's also a subject called Visual Communication in Journalism (Mario Tascón and Tomás Ondaraa are former teachers and also Miguel Urabayen).
It's not too much, Just two subject and both optatives. But much more than other places in Spain. And laearning about infographics is not important just for those who want to be infographics artist, but also if you want to be journalist, cause infographics are gonna be part of your job.

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