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Some may say that "there is no older thing than a newspaper the day after". That ould be true for the usual readers, those who just read newspapers to be informed. But for infographics artists, designers and all teh art department, newspapers are mre than news. In my department we like to take a look to foreigner papers although they're old, and in other department's I've been was usual for anyone coming from abroad to bring some issues of the national newspapers, just to have an eye over graphics and design.
These old things that are old newspapers are now on the internet. As just a few are going to pay to have a look to old newsapers, many webs release them and their PDFs on teh web, free to download, complete, not just front pages. And some of them don't need neither a registration. Click, and to the desktop. Here you are some useful links to take a look to the print editions. If you know any, please comment or send an e-mail to include it on the list

Público (Spain)
Público Papel
I couldn't forget the paper I work for, Each day, at midnight, the previous edition is released in PDF, the edition of the day ihave just fornt page and last page available.

Eleftheros Typos (Greece)
Pdf Viewer
From the day of the redesign. At noon, the edition of the day is released. Great opportunity to take a look to the pages of teh chosen as Best designed national newspaper of Europe.

Free Press (Spain)
20 minutos
If they're free on teh streeets, why not on the web?

Publico (Portugal)
Ediçao impressa

San Francisco Examiner (EEUU)
SF Paper

El Mercurio (Chile)
El Mercurio PDF

La Tercera (Chile)
Papel Digital

De Morgen (Belgium)

El Comercio (Perú)
Edición impresa

Tabasco Hoy (México)
Edición impresa digital
JUst meanwhile the emergency, but who knows... Sometimes these things come to stay...

Diario de Pontevedra (Spain)
Not updated, but in the month

Thanks to all those who have helped me sending links in the spanish edition of this web, and for all those who will send more!!

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