Rafa Höhr, to Grupo Joly

One of the best online infographics artists (and also print) of the world has moved on. Rafa Höhr left the the online graphics team of ELPAIS.com to become the new Design Chief of the Grupo Joly webs (Grupo Joly is a regional newspapers groups of the south of Spain, with papers such as Diario de Cádiz or Diario de Sevilla, among others).
This way he comes back to the group where he began his career. He was infographics artist at Diario de Cádiz, and, after a short time in elmundo.es as one of the first online graphics artists in Spain and the world, he was hired by ELPAIS.com.
I must confess I have a special affection to Rafa, although e haven't met much. But my firsts steps in infographics were having him as reference. Mi first contat with infographics as aas Malofiej staff, and there I could see a Rafa's graphic about all the NATO power (ships, helicopter, planes...). And it impressed me. Then, my first ntership was that summer in Diario de Cádiz, where Rafa had just left. I had no idea about graphics and I need references for all. And all the archive was full with graphics made by him (and Rafa Estrada, whose isometric elements are still being used in the Joly papers). It looked for me imposible to make graphics the way I was seeing there. And, after a time, I realized that it actually was impossible.
I have no more to do that congratulate Grupo Joly for hiring one of the best online infographics artists of the world.
(image form Visualmente)

Some of his graphics (not the best ones, but which I've found)
- Juicio a De Juana Chaos
- Atentados 11S
- Grieta en la seguridad de Sony music

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