Things I've not talked about these days and worth a look

I've been disconnected for some days. Free days and a mother visiting me are the reasons. Today, at coming-back-to-job Eve, I've been taking a look o the web, and I've seen some things worthy to have a look.

Heathrow crash-landing posts at Innovations in newspapers

Great ocassion to see how british newspapers reacted to such an 'infographicable' new as the crash-landing of a Britih Airways plane in Heathrow. Juan Antonio Giner, has been following this information on several posts step by step:
1. The story of the day: A miracle in Heathrow Airport
2. A British Airways ad not in the best place
3. More London crash-landing graphics
4. British Airways emergency evacuation: A world record?
5. 'Busy' infographics
6. The crash landing. Up or down?
7. BA grouds staff "passenger's sxpectations"
8. The BA crash landing and what readers say

Six Less-Than-Helpful Infographics

Reading Alberto Cairo's blog I ould discover this article about graphics that don't exactly help. Funny and, sadly, true. And worst is that several people with responsabilities on newspapers think these are great examples of what they would want for their newspapers.

That is what happens when we think that th importance of a new is the clue to make a graphic, withot thinking if the information needs a graphic to be explained.To acess the online graphic, click on the image

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