No Country for new ideas

In Spain we're on elections time. You can see it on the number of posts on the blog... The last great media event was the debate between the tw main contendants, something that has not token place in Spain since 1993. Everybody (or almost) have made a graphic abut it. We did it too on Público, and this has been the result:

Other examples has been made by ELPAIS.com, or elmundo.es.
Everybody has done very similar things. This elections are being boring. No originalty. Big quantity, low quality. No new ideas. Very predictable. And we're the same.

You just have to take a look to NYTImes.com to see that is possible to be riginal in elections, that we can do things better. As american caucuses against spanish elections.

I just can promise that we will struggle to end this campaign better than we started.

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