Summarizing absent days

Excuse me for my long absence. Spanish (and USA) elections and problems with blogger has been a big burden these days. But there hasn't been lack of interesting things.

Who has the oil?

Luis Yujipolo, again, reommends to look to a good graphic on the spanish version comments. A map showing who has and who uses oil.
Originally published on Andrew Sullivan's blog

SND awards polemic blog
SND Update blog has been following the SND judging. We could see on it some 'milestone' awards, the most awarded and other data about the awarded. But, some days after finishing the judging, we still don't know the compelte list. For this reason, Juan Antonio Giner complaints on his blog, about the leaking of medals and not having the list published once the contest is finished. Discussion continued on Update

Wors of the german graphics agency KircherBurkhardt
Robb Montgomery uploaded on VisuelEditors a video about this agency, which is doing a great job. One of his best values is how they can provide conceptual and spectacular graphics keeping the same high level.

Supertuesday graphics
Infosthetics showed a lik of the blog This is totally gonna work... on which a analysis of supertuesday graphic on northamerican newspapers was done.

On Público we've used USA parties elections to start publishing online-something (I won't dare to call them graphics at the moment), still without time and without idea to develop somethng decent, but making the first steps. Critiques are accepted and desired.

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Russian Sphinx said...

The oil map is perfect. It would be great if ManyEyes offered possibility to automatically create that kind of map.