Crisis, what crisis?

Everybody say we have one in the newspapers industry, and maybe that's true. But this is not what we can perceive from the hiring and movements in the infographics departments. After last year revolution, with some 'all-star hiring' as teh two made by National Geographic with Tumas (Clarín) and Baptista (El Correo). Pero no se nota en los movimientos de infografistas. Despué de la revolución del año pasado, en la que National Geographic fichó a Tumas (Clarín) y Baptista (El Correo), this year is beggining with other hits to the market.

Manolo Romero, Infographics Editor of Gurpo Joly and Diario de Sevilla, left his place in the andalusian newspaper to make his own bussiness, although he stays inside the infographics industry (if there is such industry)

Geoff McGhee, one of the 'historycal' members of NYTimes.com, start an european adventure at Le Monde, which could represent a revolution on the french media webs.

Mariano Zafra, infographic artist at El Mundo, goes to its main contendent, El País.

And all those whic have been and I didn't notice. And all that are still to come.

Congratulations to all, and the newspapers who hired them

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