The other awards

I'll be adding the awardeds on this slide show (except the ones from Público (Spain), which appeared on the last post). Below, I'll add the links of the online awarded. Send them if you got them!

- Deadly Rampage at Virginia Tech. NYTIMES.COM

- Climbing Kilimanjaro. NYTIMES.COM

- Cómo funcionan los juegos pirotécnicos. ELTIEMPO.COM
- The hidden enemy. NEWSWEEK.COM
- What happened? Death of Jean Charles de Menezes. BBC.CO.UK
- Light beneath the streets. NYTIMES.COM
- The wealthiest american ever. NYTIMES.COM
- The Master of Clay Takes Aim at the Fast Courts. NYTIMES.COM
- Cámara internacional de semillas Svalbard. CONSUMER.ES
- Aparcamientos robotizados. CONSUMER.ES
- El Gran Telescopio de Canarias. ELMUNDO.ES
- The Met's New Greek and Roman Galleries. NYTIMES.COM
- What Excessive Pay Package?. PORTFOLIO.COM

And, by the way, a video about this year Malofiej by Expresso

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