Renata Steffen: I Love Infographics

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Again on Malofiej talks. Other of the first day conferences was the one of Renata Steffen, infographics artist from Folha de Sao Paulo and, before, Mundo Estranho, a teenager magazine wich took the biggest part of the talk, and how it has to reach its target, young kids (12-13 years old).

One of the most interesting parts was when she explained how Mundo Estranho try to adapt its lenguage to teenagers, separating the visual references from school books and taking them near of comic. They explain science topics, but in a funny way, making kids more comfortable reading the magazine.

Photos from carlogiovani.com

Other example from this adaptationa was the graphic 'Sexo (tô) por dentro' (above), whic got a gold at the previous edition of Malofiej.
The process followed to create the graphic was:
1. Google 'sex'
2. She noticed that many images were about tattoos
3. She choose the style from a famous japanese tattoo artist, and ask a illustrator to make the illos for the graphic following the style chosen
4. Photos are made to 'support' the tattoos
5. all get reunited and the graphic is done

Photos from carlogiovani.com
More about Renata Steffen's talk, by herself, on Visualmente (in portuguese)

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