Ten excellent blogs

Yesterday, I was considered by Juan Antonio Giner at his blog Innovations in newspapers with an 'Excellent Blog Award', which made me very happy. Above all coming from someone whose blog was one of the reasons I started blogging.
This 'award' brings along a task. And is choosing your 10 Ecellent blogs. Apart, obviously, from Innovations, which gave me the 'E', my other chosen 9 are (by alphabetical order):

Alberto Cairo.
Not properly a blog in its english version, but with very interesting weblog, opinions and articles by Multimedia infographics professor Alberto Cairo.

La Buena Prensa (Spanish).
I have been just introduced to it a nd I relally liked it. Examples on good behaviour on journalism and design. It's a kind of opposite to a spanish blog, MalaPrensa, whcich talks about the daily mistakes on media.

Cuatro Tipos (Spanish).
Design, typography and graphics by four great designers.

Information Aesthetics
Data visualization and visual communication

Karl Gude
A funny view of infographics. I was lucky to meet Karl Gude judging on my first year in the Malofiej staff, and I always liked his good humuor and who he can maintain it on job topics.

Maquetadores (in spanish)
Paco Oca presents us news and curiosities about journalistic design

Shane Richmond
Tech blog at Telegraph.co.uk.

Visión (in spanish)
Julio Alonso, editoral adviser at Grupo Joly, talks about new trends in journalism

Xocas.com (in spanish)
Xocas, online infographics editor at Newsweek, doesn't post too much. But when he does, it really worths the waiting.

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Julio Alonso said...

Muchas gracias, Chiqui. Se te agradece el detalle.