Summarizing two weeks

Hello everybody. End of my holidays. Once out of my electronic-free habitat, I get back to my real life. Meanwhile, taking a look to the mails and blogs, I have some things I would like to highlight:

- The II International Infographics Summit thatNélson Fernández and Willy Gómez-Hill are organizing in Panama has updated its contents. The official blog can be visited here. There you can find complete profiles of the talkers, and one of the new ones is Alberto Cairo, a new good reason to assist, and ther of the new 'hrings' has been Norberto Baruch, from Crítica and blogger of VisualMente.

- Paloma Pérez Lucero, swedish inforaphics artist (originary from Chile, for who's wondering about her name) has been hired by the swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. After working for Svenska Dagbladet and the principal graphic wire service on Sweden, she starts working for a new department. Good luck!

- This is not properly an infographics topic, but this post written by Juan Antonio Giner about the changes of the masthead of the Herald Tribune, that worths the reading for all those interested on that matter.

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