Infographics departments around the world: Working alone at La Industria (Peru)

Mario Chumpitazi is graphic designer and illustrator. At the moment is Head of Infographics department at La Industria, an evening newspaper of the peruvian cuty of Trujillo. As he says, "my work on infographics is very particular, as I work absolutely alone, although I'll love to be part of a team".

He has worked for La Industria since seven years ago, although he worked as editorial designer at his begginings. He changed his mind. "When I saw the graphis that came from the wire agencies I got interested on infgraphics and all its world. I think is an extraordinary merge between journalism and graphic design."

Apart form the loneliness in the department, something common in local (and even regionals) newspapera, he takes the same responsabilities than in the big ones: "The rules for researching and sketching are the same than in other departments; I use to visit the places where the news happen, talk with witness...and so on". Something that many infographics artists from unipersonal departments would like to do and can't because of the lack of time. One of his sentences should be heard by some editors: "Who finally gets the reward is the reader."

Other details he offers about his department is over special graphic "For them I have a 50 x 35 cm. size, so I try to make people read a little, with extra text. These kind of graphics can be published once or twice per week, and adding the daily graphics, whic are just a few actually."

His work, with that pecualiar latinamerican style, makes its strong bet on spectacularity, with the great handicap of being just one in the department.

To take a look to more of the Mario Chumpitazi's works. his Newspagedesigner page is here.

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