The Barajas crash infographics on the spanish print media

By alphabetical order...

Javier Aguilera, Pedro Sánchez. Elena Segura, Eduardo Reveldería, Esther Martín.

Isabel Sumelzo, P. García, Artur Galocha, Modesto J Carrasco, Beatriz Santacruz, Isabel González.

Rodrigo Silva, Heber Longás, Antonio Alonso, Rafa Ferrer, Ángel Nava, Nacho Catalán, Covadonga F. Esteban

Francina Cortés, Francisco José Moya.

Mónica Serrano, Álvaro Valiño and myself, Chiqui Esteban.

jParis, Alan Jürgens, Raúl Camañas.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I find these info graphics to be disrepectful, or at least insensitive, to the victoms and their loved ones.

Particularly i dislike the flames and broken aircraft and the little icons of the body count. Each of those images were real people. Here they are, nothing more than statistics.

Personally I doubt I could work on such graphics so recently after such a tragedy. Maybe in the long term in would not be so raw.

A better graphic might have been produced showing the cost cutting, the bungled process, the aircraft maintenance or whatever else it was that contributes to the crash.

Maybe then people's awareness would be raised rather than just being engaged in a bit of grim "infotainment".

Anonymous said...

I can't see them disrepectful. There are flames and a broken plane because there were flames and a broken plane. The little icons on the body coun show the traged of the accident. Just a few live, all of them harmed and most of them critical. It would be insensitive to place bodies on the main scene graphic.
The cost cutting, the bungled process and the aircraft maintenance are, at the moment, not known, and if you blame this matter with absolutely not a fact, but intuition, it's a problem. Can't blame nobody of such a tragedy if you don't have a fact that shows this was the real cause. What if finally was a bird on the engine? I think it's not insensitive to tell what we know and get people informed. Without blood and broken bodies.